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:) [FFM 31]
DragonRocks90 has entered the chat room.
<Broccoli_Master>: or so I heard.
<Broccoli_Master>: I see that you’ve made it on time, Dragon.
<DragonRocks90>: I always appear when I’m called. OuO
<DragonRocks90>: So what’re we talking abt today?
<Acrylonitrile>: The explosion at the mall, obv.
<DragonRocks90>: I heard that there’re no casualty.
<Acrylonitrile>: There’s just no confirmation yet.
<Acrylonitrile>: It’s still early.
<DragonRocks90>: Come to think of it
<DragonRocks90>: Didn’t Regen say he lives in that area? :O
<Broccoli_Master>: He did.
<Broccoli_Master>: He hasn’t showed up yet, either.
<DragonRocks90>: I hope he’s alright. D:
<Acrylonitrile>: What do you guys think causes the explosion?
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 6 21
The Big Bang Theory [FFM 30]
When it became aware of its surrounding, it took note that it was suspended in a reddish liquid with what could only be described as soft, meaty tubes. There was not a lot to do, so at the beginning, it slept a lot. Periodically, something would wake it up; either noises from outside of its chamber or an invisible force that moved the entire chamber around when it got too cold. It thought it could be its mother. It suspected that there could be more chambers around, too. Its siblings, perhaps. It could hear them sometimes, a soft chirping much smaller and higher than the low rumble its mother made. It was a peaceful life, but nothing good could last forever. Eventually, it grew too big for its chamber, and the chamber’s wall grew too thin. The noise and light from outside made it hard for it to sleep. Its mother came too, knocking on the wall of its chamber like she expected it to do something. But what could it do…? It thought for a long while, then it stretched out its le
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 2 7
Before the End [FFM 29]
She walked between lines of graves, a bouquet of flowers in her arms. Marigold, his favorite. As she got closer to his final resting place, she spotted an familiar figure standing there. Dan, his BFF. She had been sort of avoiding him since the funeral in August. There was no point to it now. He waved at her and she nodded, walking up to the grave.
“Hey there,” he greeted with that usual warm smile. A ridiculous yellow beard was printed on his shirt.
“Hey,” she replied. That was all she needed to say.
“It has been a month, huh,” he regarded his friend’s grave, hands inside his jacket pockets.
“Twenty-five days,” she corrected, putting down the bouquet.
“Flowers on his grave? He would think that they’re too sappy,” Dan stated.
“I know. They are for me,” she cleaned some of the shriveled leaves on the grave. “The dead can not feel. Offerings are meant to comfort the livings.”
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 1 7
Only Machine [FFM 28]
He woke up after a nap. What year was it? He did not know since when he lost track of time. That was sloppy of him. He performed a system check. Another one of his turbines has stopped working. He paused. His supercomputer brain hummed with calculations. Currently he did not have enough energy to keep all of his cargo safe, so it was best if he sacrificed the less important section of his tower and focus on repairing his core. If he had a head, he would be nodding to himself. He sent out two robots to retrieve the material of the failed turbines for other use. He had a mission to do. He would keep as much of humanity’s legacy safe as possible, until their children returned.
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 1 1
Adventures in Strangers' Land [FFM 27]
He groaned, looking at the letter of request in his hand. Just because he was the best (and only) engineer in town did not mean he knew how to make a magic rubber duck. Not to mention the alien invasion outside made it hard for him to go out to buy material. He sidestepped a stray laser shot coming through the window. Time to send those aliens another bill.
She stirred the glowing substance she was pretty sure was radioactive inside the bowl. Her cooking teacher insisted that moth legs were an essential ingredient in carrot cake, but she did not see it. Still, she had to pass this class to retrieve her stolen pencil case.
“You are doing great! Keep adding the sodium cholate!” the giraffe in chef hat sung.
She sighed, reaching for the white bottle.
They l
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 1 4
First Impression is Important [FFM 26]
They have been partners for almost a year now; Noche, the fearsome dark mage and Winder, the unstoppable dragon. Yet the later still felt like he did not know much about the former. In fact, he was not even sure if “Noche” was the wizard’s real name. Among Hellian’s military force, he was the only human. What led him to join an army that fought against his own kind? Winder had a few guesses. The dragon remembered the day Noche showed up in their headquarter, riddled with injures clearly caused by human’s weapons but still somehow be able to slipped past all of the guards and magic barriers surrounding the throne room without anyone noticed. He has looked straight at their king and said that he was interested in joining their side.
It was one hell of a first impression.
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 1 7
A Game of Chess [FFM 25]
The black knight huffed, waiting for instruction from his invisible master in his spot. He could see the white pawns rearranging their formation across the battlefield, no doubt following their own master’s order. He glanced behind him at the feeble king, shaking in his seat. The king was safe, for now. Their master wanted to protect the king. Perhaps he wanted to do that, too. He did not remember how many times they has played this game. All he knew was it was his mission to move when he was told to, and he would do it without fail.
A force commanded him to move up two squares then three more squares at a 90 degree angle, jumping over a black pawn. He found himself staring at the white queen a few squares away from him. There was nothing between him and her.
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 1 7
Reviews of Ag-Cat's Works [FFM 24]
"Never have there been more chilling villains than a group of rude 90s kids with a penchant for flamethrowers."
- The New York Times
"Are we supposed to find a protagonist who runs away from a 50 foot gingerbread man sympathetic?"
- Some Douche
"I really hope nameless cool guy will save loner action girl in the next part and teach her a lesson about friendship and stuff!"
- A Neighborhood Kid
“Have you do the laundry?”
- Mom
"A quirky wizard, a tribe of sexy furries and a soldier who trusts no one - haven't we read about this before somewhere?"
- Totally Constructive Criticism
“Wow, these fake reviews sound more interesting than my actual works.”
- Me
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 1 5
Three Times [FFM 23]
The first time she saw him were at the hospital. She came there to visit her sister and happened to see him leaving her room. Apparently they were friends. Her sister practically lived in the hospital and he came here often for whatever reason. Her sister has showed her a notebook full of vibrant drawings of butterflies, birds and all kinds of scenery he gave her. She wondered if he was an artist.
The second time she met him was a few months after she broke up with her longtime girlfriend. She was at the hospital again. Her sister’s condition has been getting worse. She felt slightly irritated when she spotted him in her sister’s room, having make it there before her. They have had a small talk afterward in the hospital’s hall.
“You seemed upset,” he tilted his head, opening his can of tea.
“Why wouldn’t I?” she said, a little louder than she intended to.
“It’s not just your sister. You knew it was coming. She knew, too,
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 1 6

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